Charlie Jonas

Natural Sciences Student

About Me

By day I'm a student at the University of Cambridge studying Natural Sciences. By night I can often be found helping out at the ADC or just generally out and about around Cambridge.

Latest News

This site is a work in progress so please forgive the rough edges. I am very greatful to the Student-run Computing Facility for so freely offering their servers to students and to the University Information Services for making this possible.

Current Work

I study the Physics, Chemistry, Maths B and Computer Science options for my Part 1A NST tripos. Links to helpful stuff can be found under the relavent topic heading.

You may download my ASCII-armoured PGP Public Key here or from the MIT public repository here. I'm always happy to sign other people's keys, subject to all the usual checks. For enhanced security and extra-special cases I also have a SHA-512 committed identity which you may download here, although PGP is almost always prefered.

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